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17 APR

This Ramadan, 'Donate & Elevate'

Every Ramadan MAA gives you the best options to be able to donate your Zakah, Sadaqah, Fitrah, Fedyah and Kaffarah to MAA. You can also donate an Income-Generating Gift to a needy family around the world, Plant a Food Tree or donate a share of Clean Water.

This year, in addition to all of that, our five 'Donate & Elevate' charity packages are designed to ensure that your donation is invested in several beneficial ways - increasing and multiplying your rewards.
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21 SEP

Drought Relief: Helping Australian farmers

Last weekend, the MAA National team, in association with partners Muslim Charitable Foundation, Deen Brothers, Strike Fuels, Mactrans Heavy Haulage, and Global Aid Foundation successfully delivered over 30,000 kgs of hay bales to farmers hard-hit by the ongoing drought in Australia.

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27 JUN

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