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MAA National

Shariah compliant model

Prophet Muhammad (saaws) said
“Verily, Allah the Most High loves when one of you undertakes something, he/she does it with perfection according to their capacity”

We have a dedicated team who uphold, implement & adhere to Islamic values. These values extend to our field partners who are assisting with our projects. Our CEO, Sheikh Hassan Elsetohy is an Al-Azhar qualified who has many years of experience dealing with the needs of both national and international communities.

We created the world’s first Shariah Compliant Donation system which was implemented into our website and mobile app. This system was designed to adhere various Islamic Fiqh guidelines as to how money can be distributed depending on where the money was derived.

This is truly an innovative concept and one which shows that the underlying intent of our organisation is that of ensuring we first and foremost please Allah with the works carried out, ensuring that we apply our utmost best in every aspect insha’Allah.