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Corporate Governance

Internal controls over all forms of commitment and expenditure continue to be developed in order to improve efficiency. Processes are in place to ensure that performance is monitored and that appropriate management information is reviewed by the Executive Board. The systems of internal controls are designed to provide reasonable but not total assurances against material management or loss. These include:

• a strategic plan – which includes an annual operating plan    
   and annual budget approved by the Executive Board

• regular analysis by the Executive Board of the results
  and differences from budgets, delegation of day-to-day
   management authority, including segregation of duties

• the identification and management of risks

The Executive Board is integral to the internal control processes.


Doing the right thing… right

It is an essential aspect of our great religion, Islam that we do, not only the right thing, but to do the right thing right! This means all our actions are accountable, transparent and professional. We work hard to achieve excellence and above all sincerity.

We continually endeavour to improve the impact of the humanitarian aid we provide around the globe. Seeking new innovative methods and establishing strong humanitarian relationships to increase the scope of our projects whilst developing new strategies to continually follow our trend of reducing our operating costs.
It is our responsibility to ensure that all stakeholders obtain maximum benefits from the works carried out by MAA.


MAA has a strong ethos in diversity.
This has been demonstrated by the hiring of staff with diverse cultural backgrounds with highly honed skill sets applicable to all part of MAA’s operations.

MAA has operated in over 45 countries around the world and has been actively involved in a diversity of projects. These include but are not limited to emergency and disaster relief, food aid, orphan aid, water and sanitation, health and medical, education, housing and sustainable development and agriculture.