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HSP Healthy Snack Packs for the Homeless

Homelessness is a major issue facing everyday Australians. Not knowing when or if you're ever going to find a home, a place to sleep, or even food. The struggles they face on a daily basis is truly heartbreaking.
Since starting our local projects, MAA has made an ongoing effort to provide immediate support to those who are homeless by delivering warm meals on a regular basis.

Whilst this makes a real difference in their lives, we consulted nutritional experts to develop a Healthy Snack Pack (the other HSP) to provide our homeless brothers and sisters with a non-perishable pack in-between meals or in cases where they are unable to access a meal.

Each pack usually contains:

1. Bottle of Water
2. Healthy Salmon & Rice Meal
3. Ancient Grain Muesli Bar
4. Assortment of superfood berries

For just $5 per pack you can ensure our homeless Australians get their daily nutritional intake.